"Education by Investigation"

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The Mini PortaLAB is a compact, fully equipped laboratory that covers Science and Technology experiments in Grades 4 – 9.
    Every student is able to benefit from hands on investigation and teachers are able to engage students with exciting demonstrations.
    The labs are ideal for all schools, including: Rural; Urban; Townships; Informal Settlements and Homeschooling. They are portable and easy to handle and are ideal for school field trips.

  • The Mini PortaLAB measures 360mm x 300mm x 400mm and weighes in at just +- 23 kg
  • A compact case with a lid that can be used as a working surface for experiments.
  • Slide out draws with laminated lists of contents to make finding and packing away equipment easy.
  • An instruction manual containing clear instructions, illustrations and questions. It is also written in line with the new CAPS Document making it Curriculum compliant.